Free Online Casino Game Basics

In any free online casino game, the first thing to be learned is its rules. This article will teach us how to play the Craps, one of the most popular casino games in the online casino industry. Craps is not as hard to learn as it may seem.

Here are a few things to learn to get started at free casinos. As to the equipment, Craps requires two dices numbered from one to six, a table with proper layout for placing bets, and a wall perpendicular to the table that serves as a throwing board against the dice. There is no limit as to the number of players. The free online casino craps player who throws the dice is called a shooter. The players on the table decide who the first shooter will be. The dice moves to the next shooter around the table in a clockwise manner. A player can join at any point of the game provided there is enough space for him at the table. The player becomes a shooter at his proper turn when nobody in the table objects but he can choose to pass his turn also. A player can quit or leave the game at any point.

Both dices need to touch the wall with enough force when it was thrown. Should the dice not able to touch the wall or just fall short to the table, it is called a ‘no-dice’ and the player needs to throw again. In most cases, the free online casino games, craps player looses his/her turn to become a shooter for the whole duration of the game when he/she made a ‘no-dice’ throw consecutively. When a dice landed on an angle, players must agree on the number.