Playing slots casino games online is not much different than going to a land based casino and playing the slots games on the floors. Recent years slot machines advanced into video casino games. The reason for slots casino game change was due to players wanting more.

Meaning in a video game you can add features like bonus rounds where more interaction is involved. Either pushing a button to select items or touching a screen. Some of these vide slots casino games are grouped together where players equally are trying to win a jackpot. Similar type casino games are found online, plus some you may never see in a landbased casino. Microgaming software at present has the largest selection of slots casino games. You can see for yourself by downloading any Microgaming casinos which allows players to sign up for guest accounts to play, if you do decided to play for real most will allow you to log in as a guest anytime you wish to play without wagering real money. The choice is yours. Free slots casino bonuses available at many online casinos powered by microgaming plus other software providers so you can compare the casino games.